For over 90 years Trussbilt has made correctional facilities around the world more secure and cost-effective by designing and manufacturing security products that set the industry’s standard for safety, quality and innovation. Trussbilt is a leading manufacturer of security wall panels, detention doors and frames, security ceilings, security floors, and specialty products.

Southern Folger

Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company is synonymous with excellence and quality in product design, materials, and craftsmanship, as well as facility construction, service, repair and retrofit.  By combining the strength of the two pioneer United States detention equipment manufacturers, Southern Steel founded in 1897, and Folger Adam established in 1905, Southern Folger equipment and workmanship can be found in thousands of facilities around the world, and our equipment is specified by design professionals that demand only the best.

Viking Products

In its areas of expertise (Furniture, Wire Mesh and Toilet Accessories), Viking Products will produce products to customer (architects) specifications. Viking will add value to every project by producing consistent high quality products on time and to specifications. Viking will resolve issues in an expedient manner. Viking will support all trades in the progress of any project.


Cortech was founded in 1993 by Joseph Claffy and is celebrating our 20th year in business. Over the years, the products we manufacture and the markets we serve have grown significantly. We are committed to American made products and the American way. It is evidenced in our 100% American made products and our extended product warranties that go up to 10 years! The base of our business is in manufacturing products for the Corrections industry. The durability requirements for products used in correctional institutions is second to none. It is our success in this field that has led Cortech products to also be well suited for other intensive use applications.

RR Brink

Founded in 1976, RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc. (RRBLS) specializes in the design and manufacture of high security electromechanical and mechanical locks. They offer a full line of products designed for correctional institutions where remote control of cell and corridor doors is often mandatory. Their reputation has been established on product innovation, quality workmanship and installed product back-up service.

Exactitude Hardware Consultants

Founded in 1958, Exactitude’s Hardware Consultants division is Northern New England’s leading turnkey provider of commercial doors and hardware. Hardware Consultants has a depth and breadth of product knowledge that only comes from experience and is a dedicated group of professionals providing our clients with quality products and reliable service.

Global Security Glazing

Over 60 years experience in quality manufacturing, has emerged as the single source for all your security and architectural glazing requirements. Offering a complete line of security products, including all-glass laminates, glass-clad polycarbonates and laminated polycarbonates, Global Security Glazing has the product and solution for all your design challenges.


Norix – offers the most complete line of correctional furniture, for use throughout the facility.  With over 25 years experience in providing secure furniture for prisons and jails, Norix is a trusted resource for every corrections application. Norix also offers a vast array of behavioral health furniture.

Marathon Engineering Corporation

Manufacturer of Gold Medal Safety Padding®, has an unparalleled history of providing owners with a safe, durable, and easily maintained padded environments.  Gold Medal Safety Padding® is specially formulated for use in jail cells, time-out rooms, and psychiatric rooms where violent behavior may result in injury to the inmate, student or patient, or in damage to the room.

Universal Security Products, Inc. has long standing relationships with the top vendors in the Detention Industry.  We work together to complete our projects in a timely fashion and with the upmost respect to quality.  We feel that we are partners with these companies and bring the team approach to each project.

We have provided a list of these companies below along with a short description and website information.  Universal Security Products is certified to furnish and install the specialized products fabricated by each of them.